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"Say Word kept reminding me to be proud of where I come from and what I dreamt of was and is possible.”


Say Word Slam Team at Brave New Voice, 2014

We believe that competition is a great catalyst to building character, which is where the Say Word Youth Slam Team steps in. Qualifying events start each year in Fall and continue through Spring. Each young poet will write, edit and perform original works, adhering to pre-set guidelines and judged on a point system at each Slam event. The top-scoring poets advance to semi-final and final competition rounds where the top five poets earn a spot on the Say Word Youth Slam Team. Say Word Founder and Executive Director Kat Magill serves as Head Coach and leads the team in local competitions through the spring, and travels with them in summer to compete and participate in the Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Festival. The annual festival brings together the best youth poets from around the world for five days of workshops, showcases, community service and civic participation events, and of course individual and group slams. 

3 Ways to Invest in Change

Every contribution & invitation to Say Word directly benefits the youth involved with our programs. Thank you in advance!


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