“Say Word is more than a program its a movement.”                                                                                                                        -KiNG


Danielle Shorr, 2016 One Mic Artist in Development

Say Word selects the most committed to participation in One Mic, a year-long artist development program. The selected poet will have the chance to participate in education, training, writing and performance workshops, and learn specific skills such as creating a bio, cultivating a fan base, booking, and building a set list. In addition, the poet in development will work with Say Word staff and volunteers to create a single piece of work (including but not limited to a manuscript, stage production, CD, multi-media production or any other poetry focused creation).

One-Mic Participants

3 Ways to Invest in Change

Every contribution & invitation to Say Word directly benefits the youth involved with our programs. Thank you in advance!


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General Programming

Krys Bragg

2015 One Mic Candidate

Release "July; Letters from Jane"

Danielle Shorr

2016 One Mic Canidate

Release "Beyond Existing"

Book Release Aug. 4


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