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"Say Word builds people from the ground up, gives students the tools to believe in themselves again, provides an alternative learning environment and changes the lives of both the staff and the students we serve. "  



Finally, there’s AMPlify Internship, our youth mentoring program. Engaging youth through the vulnerable transition years, AMPlify is open to young poets ages 19-24 who want to develop their leadership skills, and grow professionally. The program provides students with an opportunity to shadow a Say Word Teaching Artist, in our In-School Residency program, who serves as a mentor and guide through the year-long program. At the programs conclusion, participants have the chance to lead a classroom themselves. Participants are given a variety of opportunities for learning, including workshops, field trips, opportunities for performance and monthly lectures covering topics such as student engagement, and curriculum development.

3 Ways to Invest in Change

Every contribution & invitation to Say Word directly benefits the youth involved with our programs. Thank you in advance!


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