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“I have become signifiantly more comfortable with who I am since participating with Say Word. I think that comes from the way Say Word finds the unique parts of us and gives us the courage to share them."   



Say Word is dedicated to and motivated by a set of beliefs and values about ourselves, our programs, our community and the young poets with whom we work. These six values form our guiding principles and serve as a foundation for all of our work and decisions.


We believe that literacy reflects more than just academic success, but is a powerful tool to build self-discovery and strengthen civic engagement.



We believe that the dynamic energy and empowerment of spoken word poetry has an exponential effect on the lives of young people, inspiring them beyond the power of the pen to the power of the people. 



We value those among us who think critically, who are brave and bold, who take initiative, accountability, and ownership of their words and who are ready to inspire the same in their community.



We value differences of opinion, of perspective, and honor all ethnic, cultural, gender, socio-economic, educational and sexual identities. We create spaces that are safe, protective and build understanding, empathy and compassion.


We believe that equal and ample access to education, art, literature and social awareness builds unity in communities both privileged and under-served.


Finally, we see ourselves as a part of a large and disparate world. We understand that that the best way to build equity in our community is through understanding of how our own actions affect our world in both positive and negative ways. 

3 Ways to Invest in Change

Every contribution & invitation to Say Word directly benefits the youth involved with our programs. Thank you in advance!


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